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The layers of the mind, Conscious Mind & Subconscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is active and involved in processing current information. The Subconscious Mind, made up of memories and learned behavior, is powerful and automatically works for us. Take for example, after we have learned to drive a car, we no longer need to think about how to use gears or which pedal to press while driving. We can even talk on the phone with our Conscious Mind and our Subconscious Mind automatically runs the car for us. 

Likewise, when our Conscious Mind is not active, our Subconscious Mind automatically produces thoughts based upon our past experiences. Past experience can impact your present experience and cause a biased reaction. We  unknowingly produce a physical response in our body such as anxiety, agitation, anger, depression, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite or weight gain and poor health. Our Subconscious Mind will produce thoughts from our past traumatic experiences, such as: "I won't succeed", "I can't have intimacy", "I am worthless", "I can't fly on an airplane" or "I will be rejected". Our past negative experiences such as betrayal, abuse, failure and trauma are stored in our Subconscious Mind and affects us all the time. 

TheMindSync Program will help reprogram the Subconscious Mind into a positive, harmonious, non-hostile, friendly and helpful mind. Our program helps Sync the Mind with reality and keep our Conscious Mind active so that our Subconscious Mind remains repressed and does not exhaust us from negative thoughts and past. 

TheMindSync Concept

   Our Brain is like the Hardware of a computer and the Mind is like the SoftwareThe software mind receives information from the outside world and sends these signals to the physical brain......

The brain, our hardware, sends signals to our body through "Chemical Neuronal Communications"​, If our software, that is the mind, is not in sync, it sends stress signals to our brain, which initiates Stress Response throughout our BODY.​